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Get rid of woodworm infestation now!
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Wood Worm Life Cycle

Woodworm life cycle is comprised of four stages;

  1. Woodworm Starts Breeding – Female woodworm starts laying eggs into cracks in the timber or preexisting holes in the timber made from previous woodworms.
  2. Woodworm Larvae Start to Hatch  – Eggs hatch downward into the wood and make larvae. These eat wood to obtain their nutrients
  3. Woodworm Larvae begin Eating – This stage can last from 2 years, all the way up to 5 years. During this time is when the larva starts to eat through the wood, causing structural damage and produces the wood powder that can be used as a sign that their is an infestation in the wood
  4. Larvae becomes Woodworm Beetle and the Cycle Begins Again – At the end of its lifecycle the larva will enter the pupil stage, where it tunnels toward the surface, enlarges and emerges as an adult beetle. The adult beetle then eats its way through the wood to produce the holes you see. The males will only live for another 3 to 4 days and will try to mate with as many female partners as possible. The female beetles live for up to 2 weeks and then lays her eggs into cracks in the timber or preexisting holes, repeating the cycle over again.