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Woodworm Causes and Effects

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  • In spite of its name, woodworm is not a worm but any kind of wood-boring beetle grub. Eventually the larva will pupate like a caterpillar, though instead of a butterfly, it will become a Beetle that will lay it’s eggs in the same wood before leaving, causing the cycle to continue.
  • Woodworm causes the timber in a property to significantly weaken as a result of woodworm creating tiny holes throughout the timber. Woodworm is frequently brought into the home in the form of second hand furniture. Beetles can also fly into the property from outside. Woodworm is attracted to damp environments in particular which means leaks or faulty insulation, these can cause a decay in wood that attracts them and could lead to an infestation.
  • Woodworm infestations can have devastating effects on properties which is why the importance of prevention is so heavily emphasised to homeowners. If left unchecked, an infestation can result in the weakening of a property’s entire structure which has a huge impact on the value of a property. Woodworm is most commonly found in attics, eating away at roof beams, which can compromise the strength and integrity of the wood, making it more likely to collapse under the weight.
  • Infestations can be noticed from small holes in the wood and an active infestation can be noticed from wooden powder around the holes. It is advised that all wood in the home including furniture should be treated to prevent woodworm. If possible, firewood should be kept outside or at least isolated in another room.
  • Recurring infestations are likely if not treated by professionals as beetles are likely to lay eggs in holes that other beetles have already laid their eggs in. As larvae moves slowly through the damp wood, it can be years before people realize they still have an infestation, which gives them more time to wreak havoc on your house, so being vigilant to your furniture and beams is of pivotal importance.

Get rid of woodworm infestation now!

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