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Where Pest Birds Nest

Bird infestations in Ireland are usually pigeons or seagulls, though there are a good few cases of infestations of magpies, starlings, crows. For business premises, pigeons and seagulls are most common infestation as they can survive in tough living environments, they need very little shelter for their nests and are very good at scavenging food waste. This enables them to live in busy urban environments rather than in the country like most other birds.

Below are a list of places pigeons and seagulls may choose to nest;

  • Tall buildings which have flat roofs, particularly abandoned buildings. Pigeons are particularly good at spotting broken windows or loose tiles which they can use as access points.
  • Building ledges, rafters, chimney stacks, gutters. Particularly if the building roof has access to water.

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