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Dealing with a wasps nest

Wasps become a serious nuisance for home residents and business owners alike when they build a nest in the vicinity and begin to display aggressive behaviour.

It may seem like a good idea to take on the removal of a wasps nest but this is fraught with danger. This is definitely one occasion where it is highly recommended to call a professional pest control company. You may even be allergic without even knowing it.

It is best to try and take action as soon as you suspect you may have a wasp nest problem.

About Wasps in Ireland

The “common” wasp is by far the most abundant wasp in Ireland. Wasps have a reputation as a nuisance for most people but in truth they only become a nuisance between August and September when they can be aggressive. This is due to the fact that that worker wasps who, having fulfilled their role as nest builders and food providers for larvae. are now actively searching for sweet and sugary foods to replace those which had been made available to them from larval secretions.

Wasps like bees and ants live within the highly social structure of colonies. Their colonies dies out in the winter and the sole survivors are newly mated queens. Come spring the queen awakes from her slumber and will seek out a suitable location to start the building process for the nest. She then hatches the first batch of workers who gradually take over the nest building and allow her to concentrate on her maternal duties.

Wasp society has developed a wonderful mutually beneficial colony strategy whereby the adult wasps provide protein rich food (derived from hunting insects) and then in turn the larvae “reward” the workers with a sweet sticky liquid which the workers find irresistible.

Near the end of the summer the queen lays the last lays eggs which will develop into male and females which then mate when they are mature. The males die off and the females will find a place to hibernate for the winter and the cycle starts again.

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