Wasp Nest Treatment

As experienced professionals, PestGuard offer a comprehensive wasp control solution to deal with your pest problem needs. Technicians undergo extensive specialist training in order to learn how to properly use insecticides that are not available to the general public. Our technicians identify which species inhabits the hive and adjust their treatment process accordingly.

A nest is treated with these insecticides and most of the wasps will have died off in a couple of hours. Most kinds of insecticide spray isn’t harmful to the environment but is still effective at getting rid of your wasp problem. Any wasps who were “not home” during the treatment, will be affected when they return and enter the hive so you don’t need to worry about any other stragglers causing you any more problems.

If you would like to ask us any questions or queries you may have about a possible infestation or to treat a wasps nest, get a quote from us or contact us directly by phone or email. We are ready to help you with any problems or worries you may have about your situation.


PestGuard have the expertise to sort out your wasp problem right away!