Wasp Control for your Business

You may find it easy to postpone treating a wasp hive at the bottom of your garden, but if there’s a wasp hive at your business, it’s essential to act quickly. You don’t want your procrastination to result in employees or customers getting stung on your business grounds. The longer you leave a wasp nest on your property the greater the chances of you, an employee or a client getting stung, by either a lone wasp or even a whole wasp swarm if they feel like their nest is being threatened in some way.

Wasps flying around can result in distress, a sting or even an allergic reaction. By not removing a wasp nest promptly, you may be in breach of your duty of care to customers and could be liable should an incident occur. When stung, people who suffer from allergic reactions can develop breathing problems as well as other severe reactions such as swelling and multiple stings may be fatal if not tended to quickly.

If you would like to treat a wasps nest, get a quote from us or contact us directly by phone or email. PestGuard offer a comprehensive wasp control solution and all our technicians are highly trained and experienced in wasp control procedures and are ready to help you deal with your pest problems.

PestGuard have the expertise to sort out your wasp problem right away!