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At Essential Washroom Services we operate with one primary endeavour; to deliver our service to our clients on time every time

Efficiency is…. Essential

Washroom Service

Sanitary Disposal

Essential Services offers a discreet, efficient and professional sanitary disposal service. Our service is customisable to your organisations needs in terms of volume, frequency, and scheduling of visits. We also offer a wide range of sanitary bin units which are supplied as part of the service.

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Hand Dryers

Effective hand drying facilities are essential for washroom user comfort and the prevention of cross contamination in any building. Poor hand drying facilities can lead to excess pools of water leading to slips and trips. Our wide range of innovative hand dryers are suitable for all types of washroom needs – from low energy and reduced noise.

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Soap Dispensers

Essential stock a wide range of soap dispensers designed with both style and function in mind. These units are the perfect choice for all washrooms providing both design and durability to your washroom.

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Medi Waste

Essential also offers a medi waste / nappy disposal service. Essential can supply your organisation with the highest specification medi waste unit which is serviced in a discreet and professional manner and at a frequency suitable to your service needs.

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Air Fresheners

Essential offers both the supply and maintenance of a range of air fresheners that bring fragrance and design to your washroom. A wide range of fragrances are available. The service of each air freshener unit is carried out by qualified personnel and supported by our Essential guarantee.

Customise your washroom

We at Essential Service are extremely proud to be the first organisation in Ireland to offer our clients the ability to customise the colour of their washroom units to compliment their surroundings, providing the perfect finishing touch.

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