What do our clients Say?

Janice, H&S Co-ordinator

We have been really happy with the team from Elis Pest Control, I find our technician really helpful, he is always available to discuss queries we have, and the on-line systems is effective and meets with our requirements.


Patrick Kenny

Extremely efficient and helpful. Knowledgeable staff who promptly solve our issues as they arise.


Ken Keating

Provide effective solutions for all pest issues including bird control. Great team, with lots of valuable advice and willing to work around the schedule of our business which meant we were able to install bird proofing over the weekend, so it did not disrupt my staff. Very happy with our service.


Andrew Doyle

Really satisfied with our service from PestGuard, our technician always keeps us informed of the service that he is providing and its great that they have the maintenance team to assist with proofing issues when required.

Procurement Manager

Gary Thornton

The Elis CONNECT system provides us with great peace of mind, and the monthly analysis report ensures that I have all the information easily accessible when audits are being conducted on site.

QA Supervisor

Sean Murphy

As our plant is based in a rural setting, we are conscious that there is fine balance to be found between protecting our business and staff against pests and protecting local wildlife. Elis CONNECT provides the technicians the info they need to make decisions on how best to minimise the risk to our business while reducing the requirement for poisons or insecticides which has been well received by staff.

Business owner

Richard Moran

As a company with ambitious CSR goals Elis CONNECT was an east choice for us – 24/7 protection with less physical visits that enable us to reduce our SCOPE 3 emissions – it’s a win win for us.


Charles Paumelle

“We’ve been impressed and energised by the results of our collaboration with PestGuard to create better, smarter pest control solutions. The combination of PestGuard’s 35 years in the pest control industry and the powerful Sensing Network capabilities of Microshare will disrupt and revolutionise the pest control industry by increasing productivity, reducing service vehicles on the road while adding a predictive, diagnostic capacity to rodent control that creates more effective outcomes.”

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Microshare, Inc.