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Why choose PestGuard Residential Pest Control Services?

Clean, Fast, Discreet & Cost-effective

Now and again households may experience a pest control problem or infestation. These problems may range from a rodent, ant, wasp, woodworm or cockroach infestation.

Through our level of expertise PestGuard provides households with prompt, efficient and, most important of all, successful pest control services.

Pestguard's Residential Pest Control Services

Controlling Mice & Rats

Clean, Fast, Discreet & Cost-effective

Residential rodent control services generally consists of:

Following the inspection treatment is carried out in line with specific infestations requirements;

Residential Pest Control Services

Ant Control

Clean, Fast, Discreet & Cost-effective

Residential rodent control services general and Residential Ant control services consist of an initial site audit aimed at identifying current infestations, its causes and nesting location. An initial spray treatment is carried out, followed by further inspections and treatments. You can our page on How to get rid of ants

Residential Pest Control Services

Woodworm Treatment

Clean, Fast, Discreet & Cost-effective

Woodworm can have long lasting effects on both the structural integrity of the house and the potential sale value in the years to come.

With PestGuards expertise and professional woodworm treatment we can assess and resolve your woodworm issue and offer a certified 20 year guarantee on work carried out.

Residential Pest Control Services

Bird Control

Clean, Fast, Discreet & Cost-effective

PestGuard offer a wide range of proofing products expertly designed to prevent the infestation of pest bird species in residential homes. In the most pressing of situations the shooting of pest species of birds may be deemed necessary and carried out by licensed marksmen.

Residential Pest Control Services

Pestguard Residential Pest Control Services

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