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Pest Control for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

At Pestguard we understand the need for Pharmaceutical plants to meet strict regulations & governance. Specifically, under the GMP Standard (Good Practice for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors) Pharma plants should be constructed, maintained and equipped so as to prevent against the ingress of insects, rodents or other pests. As such a preventive pest control programme should be top priority for any Pharmaceutical business.

At PestGuard we have designed Pharma specific programs for global Pharmaceutical clients including AbbVie and Leo Pharma.

Our programs focus on

  1. Monitoring of high risk pests & zones

2. Digital rodent monitoring

3. Online Reporting & Trend Analysis

Pharma Pestguard Dublin

Protecting global Pharmaceutical brands through innovative 24/7 pest technology solutions.

GMP - Good Practice for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors


Monitoring of High Risk Pest & Zones Our Pharma monitoring programs are designed specifically to monitor for high risk pests (rodents, crawling insects and flying insects) across high-risk zones inc to ensure an effective and efficient pest management system.


Digital Rodent Monitoring PestGuard Alert provides 24/7 permanent pest monitoring helping Pharma sites understand the presence of pest activity before it becomes a major infestation. Each digital rodent monitor instantly alerts Pestguard at the first sign of activity ensuring rapid & effective response.


Online Reporting & Trend Analysis Pestguard Online for Pharma has been tailored for your Pharma reporting needs. Our interactive heatmaps, trend analysis and detailed suit reports provide a best in class reporting solution to our Pharma clients.

Protect mission critical supply chains with tailored made Pharma pest management programs.

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