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24/7 Digital Pest Control Monitoring

Commercial pest control has traditionally relied on using poison and manual inspections to rid premises of pest infestations. However changing wildlife requirements and biocidal regulations across Ireland means the use of poisons is now highly restricted.

At PestGuard we developed our Pestguard Alert solutions seven years ago in preparation for these changes. PestGuard Alert sees each of your rodent bait stations connected online via wireless technology. As soon as a pest enters the trap, our pest control monitoring team will be informed instantly via email and SMS. Your local technician can then head straight to your site to investigate, and take all necessary corrective actions. Providing you with 24/7 pest protection.

Pestguard Alert provides you with the peace of mind your business is always monitored and protected against rodent infestations.

A Revolution in Pest Control


24/7 Pest Protection Pestguard Alert devices monitor around the clock identifying and alerting of pest activity at the earliest possible moment.


Remote Management Pestguard Alert is an ideal solution for high security or unmanned sites ensuring your assets are always protected without the need for frequency manual inspections.


Low-Cost Solutions PestGuard Alert has been designed to be affordable to all clients looking to avail innovative technology solutions. Get in touch today to find out more.

PestGuard is compliant with the campaign for responsible use of rodenticides (CRRU)

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