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Everyone during the summer months have come across wasps. In Ireland the common wasp causes the most problems. Very active during summer months they can cause very painfull stings and distress. They much prefer to build their nests in sheltered indoor areas that have easy access for coming and going.


  • Workers between 12-18mm
  • Yellow and Black Body Markings


Continual Presence of Wasps in a certain area
Workers seen going in and out of house eaves or other sheltered location

Life Cycle

  • Young Queens survive over winter and Emerge in spring to start laying eggs
  • Queen begins construction of Nest
  • Worker Wasps emerge in early summer
  • New Queens and ,ales mate in Early Autumn
  • All Workers and males die off with nest in winter
  • Young over winter awaiting spring to begin again




Due to the climate in Ireland there are only a few species of ant that can thrive here. However the few that do survive here can be a nuisance if they enter your premises. The Garden or Black ant are not know to carry diseases but they can case a major headache for home and business owners. They can explore there surrounding extensively during late spring and summer months


  • Workers 4-5mm long.
  • Queens 15mm long.
  • Dark brown-black in colour.
  • 1 small segment at waist point (pedicel).
  • No sting

Life Cycle

  • Queen winters in the soils and lays eggs early spring
  • Larvae normally hatch 3-4 weeks after
  • Worker ants emerge and look after larvae and nest care
  • Male ants for breeding are produce later In the year


  • Ants will travel extensively looking for foodmore often sweet sources
  • Nest or colonies will be mainly outdoors in soil or sand deposits in garden or under slabing areas.
  • Mainly in the sunny side of buildings




Bore Dust- Below holes in timber is cause by emerging adult beetles. Most times thjis can be the first sign noticed of a problem

Exit Holes – These holes appear in the wood often round or oval in shape and the wood inside appears fresh and clean

Tunnels – If wood to broken open tunnels can be seen inside that shows where the larvae have eaten away at the wood while feeding

Damaged wood- Wood over time becomes weakened and can crumble when touched or can break when weight is applied sucha s a chair on floor boards

Beetles- the beetles themselves are big enough to see and both live and dead beetles can be found upon inspection of infected wood. The live adult beetles normally emerge between May and October


There 3 main types of beetle found in Ireland

Powder post Beetle (Lyctus brunneus)

Usually 4-7mm In Length & Red/Brown Colour

Life Cycle Completed in 1 Year

Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum)

Usually 3-4mm In Length

Larvae can live for up to 5 Years

Can infest most types of wood

House Longhoen Beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus)

Usually 8-25mm In length

Black Brown in Colour

Larvae tunnel for Between 3-11 Years

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