Pest Control for Industrial Sector

All Irish businesses must provide and maintain a safe, clean, healthy environment for their staff and customers. Ensuring a pest free environment is a fundamental crucial element to this. Over recent years there has been a significant growth in pest infestations located in existing and new premises. The number of rodent, cockroach, and other pest infestations within industrial complexes highlights the need for a preventive and actively monitored pest management program to be adopted by industry to ensure the most efficient and successful treatment of possible infestations.

Using Elis CONNECT provides a constant site monitoring with real time alerts. All analysis is accessible at any time via your dedicated customer portal. Your monthly reports include all monitoring data, trend analysis and highlights any issues that have been raised by your dedicated technician.

Pestguard, now part of Elis Pest Control, offer a range of proofing products expertly designed to prevent the infestation of birds, including seagulls and pigeons, onto industrial sites. In the most pressing of situations the culling of pest species of birds may be deemed necessary and carried out by licensed marksmen.

Our integrated approach involves an initial comprehensive audit of your premises, identifying current or potential pest infestations/ threats. While any current issues are addressed, a strategic pest management program is discussed and once agreed – implemented. There is no upfront investment required and your service is supported by an on-going program of site inspections, recommendations and treatments as advised by your assigned Account Manager.

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Online Management Access

The Elis CONNECT online reporting system is ideal for site managers who have multiple properties to look after in a number of locations. At a click of a mouse all your required data is available to you as an overall report or divided by site and location.

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