How do bed bugs spread

Given bed bugs size and colour, they can very effectively hide on luggage and furniture. They are attracted to the warmth and the emission of carbon dioxide which we breath out. Bed bugs tend not to hide on clothing you are wearing as you are moving too much. Bed bugs generally spread by:

  • Buying infested second hand furniture, especially bed frames, mattresses and couches
  • Visitors may bring it in their luggage
  • You may bring bed bugs home from a hotel or from staying with friends back with you
  • Bed bugs can spread from a neighbor’s property onto your own. Or adjacent apartment or hotel rooms
  • Backpacks from school or college and building laundry rooms can spread bed bugs

Bed bugs can survive for months without feeding so even clean empty houses can be infested. If you have an infestation, moving will not solve the problem as you will more than likely bring the bed bugs with you. Placing infested furniture or mattresses outside of your property is not advised as it can cause it to spread to your neighbours property. It is also not recommended to travel or stay at a friends house for the same reason. The only sure way to get rid of them is with the help of a pest management professional.