All Through the House Nothing Was Stirring……. Only The MICE !!!!

Christmas time is for family and friends to come together and enjoy food, drinks, Presents, chocolates and the general warm and fuzzy glow that the Christmas season brings. But its not only family and friends that come to visit at Christmas.

Every year around the country, homes are invaded at Christmas by mice. Our houses are full of food, half eaten chocolate bars, Left over turkey, Crumbs from the stuffing brushed up against the skirting boards. Remember while you snooze after Dinner on Christmas day the mice go to work gathering food from our scraps to see them through to New Year.

Christmas Lights are Glowing everywhere but these temporary installs leave holes in Doors, Windows and Fascia boards that our furry friends make their way into our houses and feed off our Christmas Spirit.


So Remember at Christmas cover food, clean up properly and make sure that all cable entries are sealed and you should have no extra visitors for Christmas.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Everyone at PestGuard.


Image of two mice looking at camera in gift package