Flies Laden with More Germs Than Expected

A Number of News outlets are reporting results of new studies that suggest that flies carry more germs than initially thought. BBC News and the Irish Independent have run with stories on this topic. Researchers in American Penn State Eberly College of Science have found that common housefly carry salmonella, e-coli and bacteria that can lead to stomach ulcers and deadly sepsis.

Flies in Urban Settings have been found to carry more bacteria than those in the countryside. Using DNA Sequencing technics, Professor Donald Bryant of Penn State university studied the microbes found on the bodies of the house fly (musca domestica) and the Blow Fly (chrysomya megacephala). The house fly which is found around the world was found to harbour 351 types of bacteria. They found that flies probably pick up the bacteria from faeces and decaying matter, which they use to feed their young.


A Warning to all of us to be careful with food storage and waste disposal


Source ( BBC News, Irish Independent, Daily Telegraph UK)