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PestGuard Alert- Permanent Pest Control Monitoring

How technology is affecting Pest Control Management

Like many other business areas, pest control management is being significantly impacted by the rapid developments being made in online technology.

In recent years, some of the best known and recognised national and international hygiene standards for the food industry have specified the requirement to remove rodenticides from production facilities. An alternative to using rodenticides is using mechanical traps. Where technology can help with this option is in the deployment of traps with online control, the so-called Permanent Monitoring System. These revolutionary, cutting edge modules with a self-sufficient energy harvester deliver an interference proof, intelligent sensor network.

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Legislation in the area of pest control generally translates in to getting someone to physically check traps on a daily basis. With the PestGuard Alert the bait stations are connected online via wireless technology. As soon as a pest enters the trap, the relevant person will be informed via email or SMS. The person can then head straight to the trap and remove the pest. This obviously saves unnecessary trips and resources.

The SWOPBOX : Environmentally-friendly (non-toxic & CRRU compliant), convenient and safe!

The PestGuard Alert System is completed with the new Swopbox that can hold most types of snap traps.


  • The Swopbox can be vertically mounted meaning it reduces the risk of it being moved or damaged during general production operations or when cleaning activities are being carried out.
  • The Swopbox can be easily opened for access but is still tamper resistant. The options to load the Swopbox with a range of lures and baits and the ease of cleaning make it highly attractive from a practical perspective. The wall adapter allows for easy replacement in cases of soiling.
  • The vertical wall mounting encourages rodents’ “play” instinct and makes it even more attractive to them.
  • The aroma baits (Nara Bloc Lure) are plastic based, and offer the additional benefits that neither allergens nor toxic substances are present in the working environment. Therefore, the risk of importing foreign substances is reduced to zero.

World-wide deployment

The PestGuard Alert-System and the Swopbox are a highly efficient, energy self-sufficient, technically up-to-date as well as environmentally-friendly system. They are being used extensively throughout Asia, Europe and the USA.

Find out for yourself the benefits of this the latest technology! Contact us and we will only be too glad to inform you personally about the benefits of using the PestGuard Alert Permanent Monitoring System.

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eMitter BEEP

Acoustic rodent alarm every 30 seconds.

eMitter BASIC

How to set up a site using eMitter basic


PestGuard Alert Basic

Your way to Permanent Monitoring


1. Trap systems


2. Technology


3. Controlling / Monitoring


  • System capacity: up to 99 traps
  • Interference-proof radio technology (EnOcean)
  • Simple installation
  • Training by qualified staff
  • Notification to the receiver with display
  • Easily extendable to eMitter Comfort

PestGuard Alert Comfort

Permanent Monitoring Professional


1. Trap systems


2. Technology


3. Controlling / Monitoring


  • System capacity: any number of traps
  • Interference-proof radio technology (EnOcean)
  • Simple installation
  • Training by qualified staff
  • Complete Online-Documentation in the Data Base
  • Notification via SMS or e-mail
  • Easily extendable
  • Fully automatic process
  • Control and information
  • Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Easy identification by Barcode / QR-Code