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Elis Connect - Pest Control Ireland
Elis Connect - Pest Control Ireland

Conventional pest control

Site is reviewed on a monthly basis, on most recent visit no activity was recorded ( before construction began). Rodent activity begins between site inspections, 28 days later technician carries out site visit, activity is noted and curative actions are implemented but in this time period rodents have reproduced, increasing level of infestation, which will mean it will take more time to resolve.

Monitoring 24/7

This means even at night, when rodents are most active your site is being monitored. sensors are alerted to activity on your premises, this is reported to HQ. Your account manager contacts you with suggested courses of action, based on the information collected via ELIS CONNECT. Once agreed intervention takes place, early intervention provides the best outcomes and infestation could be resolved within 4-6 days.

Elis Connect - Pest Control Ireland

Changes in delivery schedules mean that GOODS INWARDS is more active throughout the day.

Elis Connect - Pest Control Ireland

Conventional pest control

Site is reviewed on a monthly basis, no proofing is required based on lack of activity. Rodents gain access to site and are noted at next site inspection. Additional proofing is proposed in addition to curative action, each day increases the risk of higher rodent activity which will be costlier to resolve.

Sensors provide an alert that there are changes to activity on site, automatically reported to HQ. Your account manager contacts you to confirm changes to the site and with site assessment will suggest courses of action. Based on the information collected via ELIS CONNECT, maintenance team make changes that protect again threat of infestation.

ELIS CONNECT, is a patented digital pest control solution that uses sensor technology to provide 24/7 monitoring of pest activity to your premises. Around the clock pest control protection gives our technicians an overview of your site at all times , ensuring we don’t need to wait for your next scheduled visit to act when activity is recorded. Early alerts allow for swift intervention resulting in highly effective outcomes.


ELIS CONNECT integrates with your pest management service on site, our accredited team will assess your site and develop the optimal solution for your business which can be installed throughout your premises or in targeted areas.


Unlike other systems ELIS CONNECT is not only monitoring activity at bait stations; providing notification when a trap has been activated, it surveys and records pest activity across your site. Our technicians can identify changes in behavior and blind spots allowing earlier detection of potential threats and the timely activation of curative solutions.


Both preventative and remote solutions are supported by our team of dedicated technicians and Service Control Departments. With over 6,000 customers nationwide we understand the specialised needs of businesses across sectors, we are happy to customise your pest control requirements to your specific industry requirements. ELIS CONNECT is a ESG compliant solution.  

Why choose Elis Connect?

Your business partner

Elis Pest Control combines innovation with expertise: our team has over 30 years’ experience providing pest control to Irish businesses, we offer a nationwide service with expert technical support and dedicated maintenance teams. 

24/7 Monitoring

ELIS CONNECT provides your premises with 24/7 pest control protection; constant monitoring via our patented sensor system, this enables your site to be surveyed at all times, not just during scheduled calls.

Quicker responses

Sensors note changes in pest activity in real time; changes to procedures or systems on site  can impact pest activity, with ELIS CONNECT we are responding to an alert before your technician’s next visit or when pest activity is noticed by staff. Intervention strategies are activated – Early responses reduce the chance of infestations and risk to your staff and business.

Greener solutions

ELIS CONNECT offers the opportunity of a 100% non-toxic pest control solution creating a healthier work environment with no pesticides while protecting our indigenous wildlife, supporting your ESG communications program.

Online site reports

Our on-line site report provides a single location for your pest control inspection reports with detailed catch analysis, automated E-Inspection reports, and an overview across all sites instantly and remotely where appropriate.

Support when you need it

Our Service Control Department are available should you have any queries regarding ELIS CONNECT or any other of our Pest Control services – please contact 01-458 7722 or e-mail

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