Electronic & Digital Pest Control

PestGuard E-Reporting & Field Service Automation

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Pestguard now utilise a unique Electronic Reporting and Field Service Automation system. This system is available to all our clients nationwide.

How It Works

Pestguard’s e-reporting system sees each of our client sites remotely administered via a head office service coordinator. This allows customers access to all information needed to monitor and address any pest management issues without the need for on site representation and delayed postal reporting.

On arrival at your premises a technician will assign clients a unique password and code which allows full access to details regarding their pest control management service. Detailed reports on pest activity and pest prevention recommendations are entered into hand held devices by on site technicians and stored in a database. This database can then be accessed online so that you may keep track of all services carried out. This ensures a more transparent system giving you greater peace of mind and more control over pest management than ever before.

Pestguard’s e-Reporting system delivers:

• 24/7 information access to PestGuard’s database from anywhere.
• Trend analysis of pest activity allowing any infestation risks be evaluated and prevented.
• All pest prevention recommendations available online allowing you to focus on areas of concern.
• The ability to download relevant documents and reports.

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