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Pest Control for Data Centres

Pest infestations pose a significant risk to Data Centre Operations. Data Centre buildings with critical data halls and high-value equipment, need to be kept cool and require large amounts of cabling runs to power equipment. However, these cable runs and cooling ducts that are designed to protect critical equipment also offer rodents the perfect habitat to shelter and migrate between floors and across large areas in search of food.

At PestGuard we have designed Date Centre specific programs for global data centre clients including Facebook.

Our programs focus on

  1. Strategic monitoring of subfloor and void areas

2. Digital rodent monitoring

3. Building-fabric proofing works

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Protecting global data centre brands through innovative 24/7 pest technology solutions.

Why choose PestGuard to protect your Data Centre?


Strategic Monitoring of Subfloor & Void Areas Our monitoring programs are designed and deployed across high-risk zones including ducts, cold floors and around perimeter fences to ensure an effective early warning system.


Digital Rodent Monitoring PestGuard Alert provides 24/7 permanent pest monitoring helping data centres understand the presences of pest activity before it becomes a major infestation. Each digital rodent monitor instantly alerts Pestguard at the first sign of activity ensuring rapid & effective response.


uilding-Fabric Proofing Works Each PestGuard preventive monthly audits incorporate data centre specific building conditioning surveys reviewing critical ingress hotspots including generator yards, AHU yards, Loading bays and Fibre rooms.

Protect mission critical equipment with tailored made data centre pest management programs.

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