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Ant Control in your business

  • Ant’s are an inconvenience to have in your home but having them at your business is a major threat to your revenue and reputation. If your business operates in the food sector, you are at a particularly high risk of an infestation.
  • Businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, food production factories or any business that supplies food (hospital’s, hotel’s, offices) need to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of hygiene in order to remain ant-free.

Ant infestations can lead to;

Loss of food products

If you discover food has been contaminated by ants , you will need to dispose of it and any other surrounding food. It can be difficult to know how many food products have been affected so this may result in significant losses as well as uncertainty into the hygiene of other food products in the area.

Spreading of Pathogens

Even if there are no ants visible on the food products, they may have already passed and infected the food with pathogens. This can lead to illness for the people who ingest the food which is particularly dangerous for facilities like nursing homes and hospitals.

Damage to reputation

News on companies poor hygiene standards spreads quickly. A bad reputation will significantly affect a business’s revenue.

Pestguard’s Ant Control Methods

Our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable on to effectively and efficiently  deal with an ant infestation. Our technicians are trained to identify the type of ants causing the infestation and then carry out the removal of the infestation swiftly and discreetly without disrupting staff or customers.

Our Process is as follows;

  • Our assessor will schedule a time to come and inspect the infestation. They will survey inside and outside the building and identify the type of ant causing the infestation.
  • When the assessor has finished their assessment, they will make a recommendation on the best method to effectively treat the infestation and the cost of this method.
  • The assessor will then organize suitable times for the technician to visit to remove the ants, depending on the severity of the infestation and the type of treatment used, this may take several visits.
  • The technician will recap the procedure he plans on putting into motion upon his first visit and then carry out the procedure.

Get Expert help with Ant repellents

Different types of ants have different behaviours and require different approaches to extermination. Our technicians are experts in implementing the most effective and efficient solution to remove these infestations.

Give PestGuard a call and we will be happy to arrange a visit to remove you ant infestation.

PestGuard have the expertise to sort out your ant problem right away!