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Pest Control for Schools

It is imperative for the management of all educational facilities and schools to provide their students and staff with a clean, safe and hygienic environment in which to work and study. At the heart of this objective lies a proper pest control & management programme that will detect, eradicate and monitor any possible pest infestation with speed, discretion and efficiency.

At PestGuard we have devised a School Pest Management Programme (SPMP) tailored to the specific pest control, safety and audit requirements of Irish schools.

Our School Pest Management Programme

Protecting Children in Schools from Pesticides and Pests

Pesticides are an invaluable tool for controlling pests. However, pesticides need to be used carefully and judiciously especially when used in sensitive areas where children are present. Children are more sensitive than adults to pesticides. Young children can have greater exposure to pesticides from crawling, exploring, or other hand-to-mouth activities.

We at Pestguard have devised a School Pest Management Programme (SPMP) to reduce pesticide risk and exposure to children. The programme is a proactive one based on an “Integrated Pest Management” approach (see tips below also). Put simply SPMP is a safer and less costly option for effective pest management in Irish schools. Our School Pest Management Programme uses proactive, preventive and monitoring strategies to reduce sources of food, water and shelter for pests in your school building and grounds. The SPMP programme takes advantage of all pest management strategies including the judicious and careful use of pesticides as and when necessary.

Since children spend so much of their day at school our School Pest Management Programme provides an opportunity to create a safer learning environment – to reduce children’s exposure to pesticides as well as eliminate pests. We at Pestguard encourage all Irish school principals to adopt SPMP to reduce children’s exposure to pesticides and provide a pest free environment.

SPMP Explained

School Pest Management Programme

The School Pest Management Programme audits, advises and provides Irish Schools with a strategic pest management programme. This involves a 3 pronged attack and defence against possible pest infestations. This programme comes in the form of preventive measures, proactive monitoring & auditing and reactive treatments.

Preventative Measures

The preventive measures begin with an initial site inspection and setting up of Pestguard’s pest management programme. This will include; an in-depth surveyor audit, the establishment of a first line of defence of external bait stations, recommendations and the installation of a strategic baiting programme.

Proactive Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring involves routine site inspections, the purpose of which are to fully assess all aspects of pest management both internally and externally under the standards of both ISO: 9000 and HACCP guidelines. Our audit reporting meets ISO, HACCP requirements and can be tailored to your own specific needs.

All Pestguard service contracts include emergency call outs and follow up site inspections carried out as a priority. Reactive treatments are designed to eradicate any current pest problems in the quickest possible time.

Tips for implementing “Integrated Pest Management” in Schools

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control management system which tries to manage pest problems in a sensible and practical way and aims to minimise risk to health and the environment.

Schools can be a great environment for implementing an integrated pest management (IPM) programme by involving parents, teachers and students to help manage pest control.

Below are some tips to help start an IPM programme.

  • Don’t bring in or use cans of insect repellant or other pesticide products. Check with your pest control company.
  • Draft a written policy and clear procedure to be followed for an emergency pest problem. Include instructions and contact details for your pest control company. PestGuard will be more than happy to help advise with this.
  • Keep a logbook in the staff room for noting any sighting of pests by staff or students.
  • Don’t allow open food or drink in the classroom. Encourage students and teachers to use sealed containers or good quality freezer bags for food and lunches. Even the smallest of crumbs can attract mice, ants and other pests.
  • If the school has a tuck shop or canteen make sure there is a defined clean up procedure identifying exactly who is responsible and ensuring the cleaning work is signed off when completed.
  • If there is an area for recyclable materials make sure these items are thoroughly cleaned to make sure they don’t become  a potential food source for pests.
  • Keep the classroom as clean as possible.
  • Prevention is better than cure so keep all areas clean including the school yard.
  • Make sure rubbish bins are closed and not spilling over.
  • Stay in touch with your pest management company and keep them up to date with any important information related to pest control issues at the school (what type of pests, when they occur and the exact location of the pest problem). This is where the logbook can prove to be a very valuable source of  information.

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