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Ensuring a Pest Free Environment is an imperative task faced by all retailers. The existence of a pest infestation will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on a stores reputation, employee relations and ultimately financial performance. Retailers must protect brand equity, provide staff with a safe and healthy work environment and minimise financial looses incurred through pest induced stock damage. A comprehensive pest management program is the most effective way of delivering on these tasks.

Pest Guard Retail Services

Pest Management Program

Pestguard offers to audit, advise and provide Retail industry customers with our strategic pest management program which involves a three pronged attack and defence against possible pest infestations. This program comes in the form of Preventive Measures, Proactive Monitoring & Auditing and Reactive Treatments.

Preventative Measures

The Preventive Measures proposed begin with an initial site inspection and set up of Pestguard Pest Management Program. This includes; an in-depth surveyor audit, the establishment of a first line of defence of external bait stations, the provision of client recommendations and the installation of a strategic baiting program.

Proactive Monitoring

Our Proactive Monitoring involves routine site inspections the purpose of which are to fully assess all aspects of pest management both internally and externally under the standards of both ISO: 9000 and HACCP guideline. Our Audit Reporting is designed to meet ISO, HACCP and your own specific audit needs.

All Pestguard service contracts include emergency call outs and follow up site inspections carried out as a priority Reactive Treatment designed to eradicate any current pest problems in the quickest possible time

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