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Our BirdGuard team offer a wide range of Preventative and reactive measures to help solve your problem.

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Bird Removal

What works:

  • Professional Bird deterrant measures – The most effective way to prevent bird infestations is to stop the bird landing and roosting altogether. Click here to read more on PestGuards bird deterrant measures; Anti Perch Deterrent, Netting and Avi Shock.
  • Ensuring rubbish is properly sealed in bins
  • Hiding possible food sources will help cut off birds food source however they can still find other food sources nearby, particularly in urban areas.

What doesn’t work:

  • It is futile to trap and relocate birds due to their incredible homing instinct. Pigeons can find their original nest even if relocated 15 thousand miles away.
  • Lethal control methods only provide a temporary fix as if the environment is favourable, more birds will still come to nest. Seagulls return to their nesting site every year and can live up to 40 years.
  • Bird repellent decoys do not work, birds will not be fooled by a plastic owl. Unfortunately bird control takes a lot more effort, usually in the form of professionally installed physical deterrents.

PestGuard have the expertise to sort out your bird problem right away!