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Signs of a Bird Infestation


The first sign of a bird infestation is fairly obvious. You’ll see a good few birds around your building, if conditions continue to be favourable, this is likely to turn into an infestation pretty quickly.

Nests or nesting materials

Nesting materials include twigs, feathers, grass and dried leaves.

Bird Droppings, feathers and debris

Bird droppings and feathers in specific areas indicate bird infestations. Birds often dislodge material from buildings to build their nest so you may also notice debris accumulating.


Odours from the bird droppings will become stronger over time


Birds cries can be pretty constant, particularly young birds.  


There is likely a large amount of insects such as fleas and flies near the building, this is probably what attracted the birds to locate there in the first place.

Gutter and vent blockages

Nests are often deliberately hidden from human view however you may still be made aware of their presence due to them causing blockages in vents or gutters.

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