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Dangers of Bird Infestations

  • Spreading disease and infection – birds spread pathogens and disease, pigeons in particular are often referred to as “flying rats”.
  • Property damage – Through building their nests Birds can damage building or block their ventilation systems with their nests.
  • It can also be detrimental to the business  in regards to revenue as well as cause unsafe and unhealthy working conditions for the staff
  • Birds nests are also known to be breeding sites for fungi as well as parasites and insects that can also spread disease and illness to humans
  • Can interfere with businesses, such as the food industry and can breach food safety standards and regulations, halting the business as well as causing the food to become contaminated and cause the spread of foodborne diseases.
  • Bird droppings are a health and safety issue as people are at risk of slipping on them, it is corrosive matter and so can penetrate and damage ducts and ventilation devices and finally bird droppings contain spores that can be inhaled and cause serious illness.
  • Bird feathers can house viruses, bacteria and parasites that can be quite harmful and cause serious illness in people.
  • Birds can be hosts for bird lice and bird mites.
  • Birds can attack humans they feel are a threat, particularly if they feel their young are at risk.

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