Bed Bug Symptoms

Fecal Stains

Bed bugs defecate almost immediately after feeding on their host. These faeces leave a dark mark similar to a marker stain on your bed sheets. This is often the first visible sign of bed bugs.

Blood stains

Blood stains may appear on your bed as a result of bed bugs (which are filled with the hosts blood) being crushed when a person rolls over in their sleep. You may find these stains on your bed sheets or pyjamas.

Shed Bed Bug skins

As bed bugs grows from infancy, they shed their skin 5 times. You are more likely to find bed bug shells where they hide during the day rather than in your bed.

Bed Bug Egg Shells

Bed bug egg shells may be found near where bed bugs hideout during the day. These are small (approx 1 mm in length) but still visible to the human eye, particularly with the help of a magnifying glass.


Nymphs are baby bed bugs, they are smaller than full grown bed bugs but can still be found more easily than adult bed bugs as they feed more often, up to once a day. They are almost transparent in colour until they feed, they then turn blood red.

Adult bed bugs

Adult bed bugs are brown and flat until they feed and they become more round and purple.  They are around ¼ of an inch and because they are so flat, they can hide very well in cracks and crevices around the bed.

Distinctive Odour

Bed bug infestations have a sweet musty smell, which is more prominent if there is a large infestation or  the bed bugs are agitated.